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Where everything began…

Valverbe is an amazing blend between ancient herbal traditions and advanced research on new production technologies.

It was created in 1985 in Bellino – 1500 m above sea level in high Val Varaita – an unspoiled setting, a pearl of Alpine architecture, where man and nature find the right balance respecting each other.

Dedicated to the cultivation, drying and processing organic medicinal herbs, Valverbe is currently based in Melle, middle Val Varaita.

Particularly known for its “mountain herbal teas”, Valverbe – cooperative agricultural company– works following a unique logic, from the cultivation to the finished product packed in filters.

Its herbs – organic, OGM-free and freshly harvested – are dried using an innovative “open-cell” system, that takes away the water but keeps the cellular membrane intact, as well as the active ingredients, the aroma and the flavor: a true revolution compared with the traditional system, with amazing results!

Herbs dried with this method, once they are rehydrated, swell and regain the turgor of fresh plants, thus creating the optimal conditions for an effective extraction process when preparing the herbal tea.

After being cleaned, sieved, milled in the right size, mixed in proper proportions following traditional recipes, the herbs are “naturally” cleaned from their bacterial load and packaged in double-wrapped filters in organic cotton, without wire staples, using solar energy from a 27 Kwp photovoltaic system.

Cultivated surface

40 hectares of officinal plants, distributed on three altimeter stations

Growth Method

Biological agriculture

Reg. CEE


Control body

Consortium for the Control of Biological Agriculture (CCPB)


  • Medicinal and aromatic herbs
  • Mother tinctures
  • Herbal teas in filter
  • Glycerine macerates
  • Constitutional waters

Corporate systems

  • Technologically advanced systems for “open-cell” drying of plants
  • Line for the packaging of filter herbal teas
  • Innovative system for the control and natural abatement of bacterial load
  • Vegetation water extraction system and microfiltration

The Valverbe philosophy

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