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valverbe natural anti-mosquito sprayvalverbe natural anti-mosquito spray

AquaPlantae Mosquito Spray – Protective, Soothing, Super Active-95ml


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Zanza Spray AquaPlantae Valverbe combines the antibacterial effectiveness of alcohol with the soothing and repellent action of the constitutional water of Mallow, Lemongrass and essential oils of Mint and Tea Tree for an intense and gentle action on your skin.


Why to choose the Valverbe Zanza Spray?

Powerful and effective, this protective spray contains alcohol to sanitise and is enriched with vegetable glycerine and constitutional mallow water to make it gentle on the skin. Essential oils make it aromatic and pleasant, favouring antiseptic activity and reducing itching from insect bites.

Also ideal for spraying into the air to scent the environment and ward off possible insects.


Choose the spray format!

Try Valverbe’s Zanza Spray in the innovative format for better distribution on your skin without waste.

Carry it always with you in the practical spray format in your bag or pocket! It takes up little space and is always ready to use, without any loss.

By atomising the liquid with the practical spray dispenser, you use less product and make it more effective! The micro-particles get everywhere and distribute more precisely than with classic oil-based products.



Content: 95 mL

Format: Spray